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Suez Canal – Geography

Suez Canal is located in the eastern part of Egypt.

It is the shortest route from Europe to Asia.

The canal, which was opened in 1869, connects #Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea.

The ships from Western Europe to Asia and Australia make a much shorter journey through this canal.

For example, sea distance between U.K. and India has been shortened by some 6,500 km. by following the Suez Canal route.

Port Said is the port at the Mediterranean Sea side and Suez is the port at the Red Sea side.

The route follows Atlantic Ocean-Mediterranean Sea Canal-Red Gulf of Aden- Indian Ocean.

The Suez Canal was built up and opened to the public on 17th November, 1869.

The canal is 162 km. long between port Said in the north and Port Suez in the south, 60-65 meters wide and 12 meters deep on an average.

Since the canal is at sea level no lock-gate was constructed New #SuezCanal opened in 2016.

Major Ports linked and served by the Suez Canal. London, Hamburg, Lisbon, Marseilles (Western Europe)

Tripoli, Alexandria, Port Said, Djibouti (Africa)

Aden, Muscat, Dubai, Karachi, Mumbai (Asia)

Sydney and Melbourne (Australia)


Economic Importance.

Economic Importance In The Expansion of International Trade The opening of the Suez Canal about one hundred fifty years ago completely revolutionized the shipping routes of the world. Economic importance of this canal may be mentioned as follows: The linking of the Mediterranean with the Red Sea has greatly shortened the distance of certain sea routes linking western Europe with Australia, West Asia and eastern parts of Africa.

This canal route has become very important for the transport of petroleum from West Asia to western Europe and Asia.

Mediterranean ports and some ports of Africa and Asia have become very important commercial canters. Suez Canal route has three branches:

First is extended through Karachi, Mumbai to Yokohama of Japan.

Second route is extended up to Sydney and Melbourne of Australia and Wellington of New Zealand.

Third route follows the coast of east Africa and is extended up to Durban.

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