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Know-how of documents in Shipment

Hello and welcome to the world of logistics!

It is vital to understand the importance of documentation in the import-export shipments. An organized documentation process will ensure that your consignments are dispatched on time and without any hassles.

Invoice :

This is one of the most important document in international trade and ocean freight shipping. This document is used in foreign trade for customs declaration across the international borders. Although there is no standard format for the commercial invoice, this document serves as a contract for proof of sale between buyer and seller. This document must include specific information such as name of parties involved in shipping transaction, details of goods, price(s) value, quantity of goods, country of manufacture and harmonized system code (HS Code).

Certificate of Origin :

A certificate of origin is an important document which is issued by the chamber of commerce. This document certifies that the goods in a particular export shipment is wholly obtained, produced or manufactured in a particular country.

Packing List :

Packing list is a document which provides information to the freight forwarder, the exporter and importer about the shipment. The minimum information a packing list includes is dimensions, weight and quantity of each package.

Bill of Lading :

A bill of lading is a document which is issued by the carrier to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. A carrier will issue this document to a shipper. In addition to acknowledging the receipt of goods, a bill of lading indicates the particular vessel on which the goods have been placed, their intended destination and the terms of transporting the shipment to its final destination.

Delivery Order :

A delivery order is a document which is issued by the carrier or the authorized agent which order the release of cargo to the consignee as mentioned on the bill of lading.

Health Certificate (For food items) :

Health Certificate is a document which is issued by the government of country of origin. This document certifies that the shipment can be legally exported, is meeting the safety standard and considered fit for the human consumption.

Harmonized System Code (HS code) :

The Harmonized System Code (HS code) is a standardized and systemized form of coding and classifying a traded product. HS code is used by the custom officials to identify the product for assessing custom duties and taxes.

Importer Code :

Importer code is issued by the customs administration to the company for their customs transactional clearing. This is a unique code issued by the custom office to business who are permitted to import and export goods in the country.

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